Friday, June 11, 2010

Slowing & Simplifying

I ended up with a schedule that was trying to do too much in too short a period of time. In fact, I had started to forget my original concept for this trip: Spend as much time in Stockholm/Uppsala and Copenhagen as possible. Adding the 'second cities' of Denmark and Sweden isn't necessary, and I probably wouldn't enjoy changing my location so often. Going through locations at a such a furious pace can lead to rush, but I'd like to get to know Copenhagen and Stockholm as well as possible; explore what makes them such centres of innovation.

So instead of making my way from Copenhagen to Stockholm overland (spending hours in transit so that I can just see a glimpse of places that deserve more time), I'm going to fly between the two, trusting that 'slow travel' (thanks Rolf Potts) will work its magic on me in ways I can't foresee.

My current schedule looks like this:

Sydney - Seoul (3 days) - Prague (2 days) - Berlin (5 days) - Copenhagen & Roskilde, Helsingor and the Louisiana Art Museum (11 days) - Stockholm & Uppsala (13 days) - Prague (1/2 day) - Budapest (3/4 day) - Sofia & Bulgaria (14 days) - Seoul (overnight) - Sydney

I didn't plan the stopover in Budapest - my parents decided that it would be a nice flourish and arranged it for me. I'm excited to be seeing two new Eastern European countries, as well as making some headway towards appreciating the one I feel poses the most potent mysteries for me, Bulgaria.

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