Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making Travel A Necessity

2013 is still a long way away, but I think the EU will find that their preparations to aid the financially struggling in taking holidays will not only lead to greater cultural appreciation of Europe, but will lead to inspired, creative and inventive thinking in people who might not have had much exposure to different national environments before! I can just imagine a struggling couple realising that they can live their lives differently to everyone in their neighbourhood due to witnessing entire communities filled with interesting alternatives of doing every-day tasks, not to mention approaching the spiritual.

I hope this is the start of a world-wide trend, and in a few decades Europeans will be going to Asia, Africans will be going to Australia, and so on and so forth. There will be mandatory circulation of all peoples across on an intercontinental and cross-continental level. Travel writing traditions of all sorts will flourish as travel directly and indirectly informs all writers' narratives. There will be no 'global' anymore, only an increasing awareness of one local space in relation to another - a multiplicity of local(e)s. The travel industries will explode.

Okay, so maybe people in Africa are not likely to elect to travel before they can adequately feed themselves, but maybe the developed countries could lead the way, and the developing ones can join in when they're ready. If Europeans, North Americans, Japanese and Oceanians travel to developing countries more often, they will be more inspired to help those places out of their financial dead ends and into novel ways of reshaping their economy.  

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